10 Jun 2016

Garuda Presents Gareth Emery

Fri 10 Jun Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Gareth Emery
Christina Novelli
Luke Bond


Gavyn Mytchel
Lee Osborne

Baby Box

Hyper Space

Loft: Agenda & Trancesound

JD Love
Greg Livingstone
Rebecca Saforia 
Robin Wass
Simon Kelly 
Donny Mac

A gargantuan gathering with Gareth’s label playmates tonight, as ‘Garuda’ returns for a first time since the unforgettable Xmas do of 2014. A sell-out gig which Emery personally evaluated as his most enjoyable ever at Ministry, the vibrant sounds of this influential imprint may even exceed the aforementioned atmosphere in The Box. As Gareth presents TWO eagerly anticipated debuts in Christina Novelli and Lanos, plus Luke Bond who is now a firm favourite amongst The Gallery faithful. So expect untested material from the Garuda vault, plus those vintage anthems which the faithful always demand – ‘Mistral’ and ‘Exposure’ et al…