29 Jul 2016

mobile banner for Paul Oakenfold at Ministry of Sound Club in London on 29th July 2016 Paul Oakenfold
Orjan Nilsen
Jochen Miller

Fri 29 Jul Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Paul Oakenfold
Orjan Nilsen
Jochen Miller


Gavyn Mytchel

Baby Box: Hyper Space

Daddy Russell
Carlos de Pablos
Coolphonic b2b Nexus 23
Classik Toraman
Electra Nyx

Loft: Agenda

JD Love
Rebecca Sadoria
Scott Callis
Donny Mac
Simon Kelly

The Gallery: Paul Oakenfold, Orjan Nilsen, Jochen Miller | Friday 29th July | Starts 10:30pm

Architect of the ‘unofficial’ anthem to support our boys in Euro 2016 this summer, Paul Oakenfold’s light hearted homage to football may not make tonight’s playlist!

However what is official and 100% confirmed, are anthems of the Trance music genre – a more party orientated sound for the faithful who always turn out en masse to support our ‘Oakey.’ Purveyor of poignant melodies in The Box enhanced by on point vocals delivered at that perfect moment, Oakenfold always saves his best when returning home to London and Ministry of Sound. Not forgetting those sharp ‘Psy’ stabs and tougher riffs from much loved imprint ‘Perfecto Fluoro,’ which will be competently delivered towards the latter of this extended set. Trance is coming home…