24 Jun 2016

Fedde Le Grand

Fri 24 Jun Starts at 10:30PM

The Box: Fedde & Friends

Fedde Le Grand
Leroy Styles


Gavyn Mytchel
Marcellus Wallace & Dub Healy

Baby Box: Twisted Plastic

Cliff Carden
Jimmy Rahman
Damien Diggler

Loft: Su Casa London

The Dog and Lassandro
Beekay and K0ncept
Miley & Deseville
Daz Lloyd and Jay Burton
‘Put your hands up for Fed-de,’ who’s back after an acclaimed debut last year to celebrate twenty years of The Gallery. Returning to Ministry of Sound for more birthday festivities twelve months on, this shindig for twenty one years will be no less enticing – with Fedde relishing the chance to tease out new track ‘Rhythm Of The Night.’ Featuring original vocals from that timeless 90’s anthem, this is the first time Corona’s iconic lyrics have officially been cleared for use. A pressure on which Fedde no doubt thrives, to create a fun and modern day masterpiece. Sing it loud, as a grand Friday night is in store.