20 May 2016

The Gallery: Gabriel & Dresden 6 Hour Classic Set

Fri 20 May Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Gabriel & Dresden 6 Hour Classic Set


Gavyn Mytchel vs Steve Lee
DJ Emtydee

Baby Box

Dj Gombo
Ben Nevitz
Jake Lambourn
Ondřej aka Klapka
Dj Ivan Dela
Charlie Anderson


Tom Lamburne b2b Cusack
Carolyn F
Cristian Collodoro
Rush & Anna
Adam Bart 
In October of last year, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden collectively orchestrated an open till close solo session in The Box – a six hour journey which many considered their best ever on the dance floor at Ministry of Sound. High praise indeed but in fact a plausible statement, when considering the impassioned atmosphere created by six hours of Gabriel & Dresden’s seminal anthems plus prolific remixes. So back by popular demand and after the immense feedback for the previous show, G&D return for round two – all night long. Classics only.