28 May 2016

Rinse Presents

Sat 28 May Starts at 11:00PM

The Box

Jimmy Edgar
DJ Bone

103-London Rave Network

The Mistaa (Circle Music / AC )
Ross Roberts
Marcellus Wallace
Area 8
Kieran Brown

Baby Box: Deep Inside You

Almost Djs
Blured Vision
Deep Inside You
Erron Wellington

Loft: House Matters

Nick Power
Dj Essence
Dj Holdtight
Dj Mino
East London’s Rinse FM team up with Found Series at one of London’s most influential clubs, Ministry of Sound, for the very first time to bring you a night of house and techno. The line-up features significant figures from the house and techno scenes including Deetron, Jimmy Edgar, DJ Bone and Chambray. And for the first time, Rinse and Found welcome London Rave Network who will be hosting the 103 room, with LRN residents: The Mistaa (Circle Music/AC), Ross Roberts, Marcellus Wallace, Area 9 and Kieran Brown.

Known for producing sleek, well-honed house and techno, Swiss DJ and producer Deetron will be bringing warm techno vibes with the soul of Detroit.

Jimmy Edgar is a renaissance man of talents, ideas and style beyond his years. At 29, the Berlin-based Detroit native with a mischievous mystique has been a prolific artist and musician for two-thirds of his enchanted life.

Think of Detroit Techno and DJ Bone might not be high on your list of luminaries because he is 100% independent and does things on his terms and on his terms only. Those who recognize Bone know him for his uncompromising and innovative ways.

Chambray is the alias of André Rost - the first Berlin based producer to sign Jimmy Edgar’s ULTRAMAJIC imprint.

London Rave Network has quickly become the most talked about network in the house music scene and takes pride in being a trusted source for the best inside information in the industry. For the first time, LRN partners up with Rinse and Found hosting their very own room with LRN residents.