29 Apr 2016

The Gallery : W&W

Fri 29 Apr Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

W & W
Kenneth G
Nick Coles


Gavyn Mytchel
Francesco Poggi
DJ Facto

Baby Box: Twisted Plastic

Cliff Carden 
Jimmy Rahman 
Damien Diggler
Si Kelly 
Roberto Santos b2b Jamie Snow

Loft: Not Fussed

Craig Tansley
Leon C
Jake Marvell
Taylor Stevens
The Bartholomew Brothers

A warm welcome back to London this week for Willem and Wardt, of course collectively known as W&W. The charismatic duo is no stranger to partying for specifically the big Gallery occasion, after headlining last year’s anniversary event to celebrate twenty years. Hence one year on especially for this April’s landmark twenty first birthday festivities, their wide ranging big room sound is sure to wreak havoc once more - with recent collaborations featuring Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell and a even a cheeky bootleg of Adele’s ‘Hello.’ Plus with this being the swansong session of The Gallery’s twenty first birthday month, try not to get too emotional here! Just remember the good times over these previous weeks, and toast a glass of bubbly to the next twenty one years.