08 Apr 2016

Markus Schulz Open till Close

Fri 08 Apr Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Markus Schulz (6 Hour Set)


Tall Paul
Gavyn Mytchel & Lee Osborne (Classics)
Steve Lee
Alex Anderson
The Viceroy

Baby Box

Ravers Army

Loft: Cheekypeople & Friends

Eddie Johnson
Frank MacCarthy (Rezonairs)
Jason Day b2b Mr Chip
Mark Stanley b2b Richard Hughes
Owen Davies
Hitting twenty one years is arguably the most poignant of birthday celebrations, especially in club land – where such longevity is a milestone seldom reached. When considering The Gallery has provided ‘excellence in the art of sound’ every week without fail throughout its illustrious lifespan, gives even more incentive to toast this landmark achievement tonight. Hence no-one is more deserving than Markus to bestow this honour, The Gallery’s esteemed international resident - who orchestrates his famed open till close solo session to officially see The Gallery into adulthood.

The magnitude of Schulz’s first six hour stint here for two years, is increased when considering his strong affinity with London. The Gallery can be considered key to both Markus’ passion for Trance music and subsequent development as an artist, going from fledgling clubber on the Turnmills dance floor to a studio space on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton. Hence the inspiration for label name ‘Coldharbour Recordings,’ for which a wide ranging remit can be attributed to the vibe and cosmopolitan nature of our beloved Capital city.

Twenty one years of The Gallery. The key to your clubbing career…