15 Apr 2016

Hernan Cattaneo & Henry Saiz

Hernan and Henry b2b at The Gallery controls is a match made in heaven.
Fri 15 Apr Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Hernan Cattaneo & Henry Saiz (3 Hours)
Dave Seaman


Sonic Union (Lowbit)
Tash (Movement)
Steve Parry (Selador)
Paul Pure

Baby Box

Dirty Discotech


To be announced
There are some delights in life just meant to be, such as strawberries with cream or tea and biscuits! In the musical rather than culinary world though, Hernan and Henry at The Gallery controls is a match made in heaven – a tried and tested double act which has long been requested since their previous outing here in August 2012. On an individual basis, Cattaneo’s deep yet melodic basslines and Henry’s intricately layered soundscapes never fail to captivate The Box. So when merged together in this eagerly anticipated B2B performance, the Capital’s musical purists will be out in full force to show a passionate and vociferous support.

Then our good friend Dave Seaman, who is sure to be in a celebratory mood to mark the third birthday of his ‘Selador Recordings’ imprint. So expect some forward thinking new material from the label, plus the obligatory classics from yesteryear which anniversary nights always demand.