11 Mar 2016


Fri 11 Mar Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Way Out West

103: Gigalum vs Madison

Hilton Caswell & Ben Yong  
Marcellus Wallace & Dub Healy 
Craig Turner

Baby Box: Subbass

Matt Hurley
Grarey Neo

Loft: Nocturno

Nocturno Residents
Ask any Gallery aficionado to select their all time Top 5 sets – either at Turnmills or Ministry of Sound itself, these pioneers of electronic music are sure to feature. Starting with BT, the legendary DJ, producer and Oscar winning composer whose esteemed discography boasts such genre defining anthems as ‘Loving You More,’ ‘Flaming June’ and more recently ‘Skylarking’ amongst others. An advocate of intricately layered soundscapes generated by bespoke technologies developed himself, Brian always executes a performance which transcends any standard DJ set. Hence transforming The Box into a haven for emotive melodies and engaging basslines.

Then please lay down the red carpet for WAY OUT WEST, as duo NICK WARREN and JODY WISTERNOFF join forces for the first time in SIX years at Ministry of Sound. ‘The Gift’ and ‘Mindcircus’ are seminal classics which have spawned The Gallery’s most memorable moments down the years, especially Gabriel & Dresden’s famed remix of the latter! So after last year’s Glastonbury outing was considered amongst the highlights at Worthy Farm, Way Out West are sure to foster a grand festival atmosphere for this anticipated return to The Box.