04 Mar 2016

Dash Berlin

Fri 04 Mar Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Dash Berlin
Paul Webster
Lee Osborne & Ross Taylor


Gavyn Mytchel
Francesco Poggi
Mike Momentum

Baby Box: Peace

James Poulton
MC Driweave
Guanche UK
Lewis Viper

Loft: Momentum

Kieren Lythgow
Ashley Knights
Edele Andaya
Chad Quality B2B Rigmouse
Amy Alexandra
The March madness at Ministry of Sound commences with Dash Berlin, tonight welcoming back the Dutchman who opens his Gallery account for 2016. Now a firm favourite amongst the Friday faithful after eleven impassioned outings, London’s ‘Dashers’ can look forward to those uplifting poignant vocals and inventive ‘Dash Up’ re-works – emotive mash-ups which always bring a magical aura to The Box. Not forgetting bespoke interactive visuals and personal messaging, creating a unity between DJ and dance floor unique to Dash and his loyal fans. After a recent sell-out tour of Australia, Dash Berlin’s record box will be primed and ready for action, utilising the selection which did much damage at stadium sized shows Down Under.