13 Feb 2016

Audio Rehab in Dolby Atmos

Sat 13 Feb Starts at 11:00PM

The Box

Sirus Hood 
Mark Radford
No Artificial Colours
Adam Cotier


Ryan Blyth
Carnao Beats
Clouded Judgement
Deck Radford
Marcellus Wallace

Baby Box: #house

Harry Pierce 
Shane Kehoe 
John Jones

Loft: Future Focus

Standard Issue

The rave team are back in 2016 with a classic Audio Rehab line up, curated by their leading light Mark Radford.

CUFF affiliate Sirus Hood also plays, who bought along Amine Edge for an unannounced set at his last appearance at the club.

Mark Radford of course plays, with his set in Dolby Atmos, brand new technology custom made for Ministry of Sound’s main room, The Box. Expect the unexpected as the set will be an immersive experience as the sound gets beamed across 64 speakers.