05 Mar 2016

Amine Edge

Sat 05 Mar Starts at 11:00PM

The Box

Amine Edge & DANCE (Extended Vinyl Set)
Sirus Hood
Medeew & Chicks Luv Us


Tim Baresko
Sammy W & Alex E

Baby Box: Glamorous

Tania Amazon
Kaos Kid
Laura Harvey
Tony Holden
Anton morales
Little Miss Offspring

Loft: No Agenda

Dave Gore
Bradley Maison
Dom Espi
Billy Bitz b2b Crystal
Harry Yellop
Sy Karrie
Brendan Heywood

Amine Edge & DANCE are renowned for throwing absorbing parties, with hedonism firmly in abundance.

Often an orgy of styles, expect the unexpected as hip-hop, house and funk will all make an appearance. If that wasn’t enough to get you fired up, the French pair will be playing an extended vinyl set. Special is an understatement. Of course wherever the duo go, the CUFF team aren’t far behind and we have a plethora of talent in the form of Sirus Hood, SION and Maximono also on the billing.