19 Feb 2016

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano: Sexy By Nature

Fri 19 Feb Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (4 hours)
Tom Swoon


Jeremy Healy
Gavyn Mytchel
Steve Lee

Baby Box: Kitchen Disko vs Recharged

Nick Coles
Dave Moore
Gav Quiet
Dan Oakey
Benny P
Funkfrankie b2b Fisky G

Loft: Bedroom House Records

Electum Goldensun
Carolyn F
Amy Alexandra
Ranil M
DJ Azi
Anna Mycka
Down The Gallery, we’re advocates of lengthy sets – giving rise for artist to lovingly craft their performance and gradually build its musical intensity. Though a luxury in clubland, SUNNERY JAMES & RYAN MARCIANO fill this void tonight making an acclaimed Gallery debut.

To undertake an extended four hour stint showcasing their inimitable blend across the board, from fizzing house beats to big-room electro and mammoth drops. Increasing the magnitude of an already special occasion, SJ&RM bring their ‘Sexy By Nature’ party to the Capital for an inaugural occasion to celebrate London Fashion Week.

Infamous for dance floor decadence and debauchery aplenty, it gives licence for The Gallery’s hedonistic revellers are to make their own X-Rated entertainment!