29 Jan 2016

Danny Avila

Fri 29 Jan Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Danny Avila
Michael Woods
Special Guest: Audien

103: Sound of the Underground

Tall Paul
Gavyn Mytchel vs Steve Lee

Baby Box: Momentum

Kieren Lythgow
Ben Haigh
Carly Carmen
Rob Ireland

Loft: Bedroom House Records

Trish Complete
Carolyn F
Harriet Bryant
Dj Rush
Tonight is for The Gallery house heads! Orchestrated by a trio of hot talent, each with their individual take on this party orientated genre. Danny Avila makes an anticipated Gallery return after two years, a period in which hype surrounding the initial stages of his career has been realised. After being tipped ‘One To Watch’ by MTV and Dancing Astronaut, 2015 saw Danny’s inaugural entry in the Top 100 – by way of filling stadium sized shows and records released via ‘Spinnin’ plus Tiesto’s ‘Musical Freedom’ imprint.

An ambassador for the club’s flagship ‘Saturday Sessions’ night, Michael Woods steps up to Friday duties – with ‘Sleep’ already a frontrunner for crossover anthem of 2016. With its deep yet melodic hook and poignant vocal, this latest release on Michael’s own ‘Diffused Music’ is adept for peak time play or after party madness. Trust London’s home-grown talent to carefully consider the vital moment, in order to cause maximum mayhem during his performance.

Finally Audien is sure to sample his critically acclaimed ‘Daydreams’ EP, which spawned a ground breaking USA tour towards the latter end of 2015. A collection of tracks built around the American’s penchant for vibrant melodies, expect this now trademark formula to illuminate the The Box with a sea of beaming smiles!