05 Feb 2016

Aly & Fila Pres. Future Sound Of Egypt

Fri 05 Feb Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Aly & Fila
Bjorn Akesson
Dan Stone
Darren Porter
Omar Sherif B2B Jonathan Carvajal

103: Trance Anthems

Sholan B2B Gavyn Mytchel
Lee Osborne
Digital Mike

Baby Box: Agenda

Dean Griffiths
Rebecca Saforia
Robin Wass
Will Renville
Kevin Cadd
Michael Kirkwood

Loft: Subbass

Arguably our most revered exponent of tough yet emotive Trance, it’s an honour to regard Fadi part of the family. Having supported Aly & Fila since their Ministry of Sound debut back in 2010, The Gallery has been instrumental in these subsequent five years – hosting landmark events considered pivotal in the Egyptian duo’s worldwide legacy. From the unforgettable finale of ‘Future Sound Of Egypt 350’ to last November’s famed six hour solo set, a UK debut. Not forgetting two boat parties on the River Thames, voyages which will forever be cherished by shipmates on board.

Considering this affinity with the Capital, London has been especially selected for the launch of ‘Future Sound Of Egypt - Club Nights.’ To showcase only artists with an affiliation to the ‘FSOE’ brand and personally invited by Fadi himself. Hence a shared ethos for uplifting melodies to ensure an unrivalled atmosphere, enhanced by bespoke interactive visuals and unique additional performances throughout the club.

‘Shukran’ and enjoy!