11 Dec 2015

Benny Benassi

Fri 11 Dec Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Benny Benassi
Lush & Simon
Merk & Kremont
Bobby Burns

103: SubBass

Graeme Lloyd
Grant Dee
Lisa Heart
James Haskell – Viktor Bondar
Phil Cusack - Tom Lamburne
Absolute Zero – Magefire
Invinta – Alex Rose
Rush – Anna Mycka

Baby Box: Twisted Plastic

Facto b2b Paul Houghton
Jimmy Rahman
Damien Diggler
Richie Sikarco
Marcus Simmz

Loft: Momentum

Kieren Lythgow
Donna Love B2B Ashley Knights
Tricky Isa
Carly Carmen
Chad Quality B2B Rigmouse

For The Gallery’s penultimate party of 2015, we take great satisfaction in welcoming Signor Benny back to Ministry of Sound after May’s performance proved a fitting homecoming for London’s long standing favourite. 

With The Box a self-confessed source of inspiration to perform, and the night having played host to Benassi’s UK debut, this affinity always gives an added impetus when Benny graces The Gallery DJ booth.

Hence expect an abundance of classics to commemorate this end of year bash, all delivered with the charisma and inimitable style on which the Italian had forged a loyal Saturday night following at the club. But skilfully combining Friday’s tougher musical style with the funkier house sound of ‘Saturday Sessions,’ for an inevitably crowd pleasing headline set.