13 Nov 2015

Laidback Luke

Fri 13 Nov Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Laidback Luke
(‘Focus’ Album Party)
Marko Liv
Harrison (Live PA)


Will Gold
Gavyn Mytchel
Steve Lee

Baby Box: Plastic Fondu

Alex Kella
Sam Ovel
Tom Stainer
Jack Holmes
Jason Barreto b2b Angelus Correia

Loft: Love United

Danny Hughes
Tolga Verim
Daddy Russell
Micalibre b2b Mario T

The Gallery faithful are well versed in reaching for those lasers – it is in fact a clubbing rite of passage every Friday night

However, tonight in particular, we invite you please to pay homage in a slightly different form. Raising both arms as the norm, but with only index finger and thumb pointing outwards –held perpendicular to one other. Then strictly for advanced fans only, try quickly rotating them one hundred and eighty degrees on a horizontal plane.

It’s the ‘L shaped’ ritual which greets Laidback Luke all over the world, as a sign of adoration from his fun loving fans. Whether enclosed in mammoth festival tents, outdoor at beach parties on the White Isle or hosting his super-hero themed ‘Super You & Me’ parties, the superstar always adapts his energetic house sound to entice maximum interaction on the dance floor.

Though not forgetting Ministry of Sound on the aforementioned list, where a succession of sell-out Saturday shows means the Dutchman has built a loyal fan base. Hence London awaits Luke’s Gallery debut with eager hands (and ears), as he steps up to Friday night debauchery in The Box.

Friday 13th November 22.30 - Saturday 14th November 06.00