02 Oct 2015

Gabriel & Dresden All Night Long

Fri 02 Oct Starts at 10:30AM

The Box

Gabriel & Dresden (Classics Only)

103: Elevation Audio B2B Special In Association with Ravers Army

Arisen Flame B2B Driftmoon
Lewis Duggleby B2B Amir Hussain
Ed Lynam B2B Robbie van Doe
Mark Walker B2B JD Love
Tristan C B2B Simon Rasho
Rob Loco & Annalisa

Baby Box: Subbass

Anna Mycka
DJ Emyi
Tomek Janowski


All Night Long

Arguably the most anticipated Gallery gathering of the year, this is a concept which needs little justification

Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden’s stunning production portfolio has come to represent The Gallery’s most defining dance floor moments. Notably ‘As The Rush Comes’ (under the ‘Motorcycle’ alias), that poignant remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘No One On Earth’ and ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ being particular London favourites. However, tonight that impossible task of selecting just two or three vintage anthems has been eliminated, as The Box plays host to an exclusive 6 HOUR SET from open till close – composed of ONLY their inspirational classic tracks and remixes. Hence deeming this G&D’s biggest ever London show to date, with trance enthusiasts to travel from all over the UK and Europe for what could be a once in a lifetime event. Let’s finish with the words of renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci, who once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In this case, we couldn’t agree more. Gabriel & Dresden. All night long. Classics only.