09 Oct 2015

25 Years of Perfecto Records

Fri 09 Oct Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Paul Oakenfold
Tilt (DJ Set)


Seb Fontaine
Gavyn Mytchel
Jay Deep
Craig Turner

Baby Box: Hypnotic State

Mike Crawley
Ed Martinez
Shaun Kay
Dan Harrison
Jay Saunders

Loft: Bedroom House Records

Darren James
Trish Complete
Ari Sen
Angelo Zk
Lost Soul

After The Gallery’s monumental twentieth anniversary celebrations, it’s time to continue the birthday festivities in earnest - welcoming Oakenfold’s record label, which was in fact established twenty five years ago! 

However, this is not just to commemorate twenty five years of Perfecto Records, but Oakey’s unwavering affinity with The Gallery itself. A genuine ambassador for the night since its early days in Farringdon, Turnmills and Ministry of Sound itself were considered essential testing grounds for all music signed to the ‘Perfecto’ imprint. Expect to hear those seminal anthems by ‘Planet Perfecto’ and ‘Grace’ amongst others blasted out, for a musical trip down memory lane sure to evoke the most poignant of memories.

So please raise your glass to Perfecto Records, wishing them prosperity for another twenty five years and beyond. As the famous line goes, it’s most definitely “not over yet….”

Friday 9th October 22.30 - Saturday 10th October 06:00