25 Sep 2015

John O'Callaghan

Fri 25 Sep Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

John O’ Callaghan
Bryan Kearney
Lee Osborne
Adam Ellis


Paul Thomas vs Genix
Gavyn Mytchel & Steve Richards
Rascal van Russ

Baby Box: House2House

Marc Mosley
DJ Holdtight b2b Kyle Bloomfield
Ed Martinez
Scot Mochan

Loft: Nocturno

Lee Williams
Ricky Chambers & Herron
Dan Brown
Steven Lee

Subculture boss JOC returns to Ministry, for his annual assault on The Gallery where The Box will be led astray to a harder and darker place than usual

A mainstay in London’s clubbing calendar, which always takes place towards the end of the year, this instalment is (as ever) eagerly anticipated by trance fans from far and wide. Increasing the magnitude of this already special occasion, John will be joined by Bryan Kearney for his first Gallery show since 2011. So expect the customary ‘Kearnage’ to be exacerbated by some vintage classics to end these four long years of hurt. Not forgetting the Irishman himself, to showcase melodic trance from the Subculture imprint, plus obligatory anthems from the celebrated ‘Joint Operations Centre’ alias. All guaranteed to facilitate a good old fashioned rave.

Friday 25th September 22.30 - Saturday 26th September 06:00