28 Aug 2015

Dash Berlin

Fri 28 Aug Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Dash Berlin
Lee Osborne


Gavyn Mytchel
Letizia Carrero
Shane Davies
Simon McCann

Baby Box: House2House

Jakson b2b Illuminate
Holdtight b2b Essence

Loft: Klub Politiks vs Liquid Pulse

Matt Edwards
Taz Dore & Josh Stevens
Solstice & T.E.R.M
Drift T & Raze
Kev Thomas & Golding
Welshy & Mark Moore

Tickets available on the door.

Hurrah for the August Bank Holiday, famed across the nation for debauchery aplenty and dancing to excess! 

To comply with these key criteria, The Gallery always pulls out the big dawgs to begin this prized weekend – Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten, Hardwell and Paul van Dyk having featured in previous years. Now it’s time to add DASH BERLIN to this illustrious list, returning to a place he considers home. ‘Dashers’ will look forward to those uplifting poignant vocals and inventive ‘Dash Up’ re-works. Plus interactive visuals and personal messaging, creating a unity between DJ and dance floor unique to Dash and The Gallery faithful.

This being the Dutchman’s tenth visit to The Box gives confidence to stray away from the aforementioned tried and tested formula – using Ministry as a testing ground for harder material too. Hence notching up the BPM, to accommodate all camps within the vast genre of Trance

Friday 28th August 22.30 - Saturday 29th August 06:00