07 Aug 2015

Dada Life

Fri 07 Aug Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Dada Life
Isaac (Gallery debut)
Mark Robinson


Oded Peled
Gavyn Mytchel
Danny Dove

Baby Box: Nu Breed

Tom Rogers
Vic Light b2B Kevin Cadd
Craig Bailey B2B Adrian Armstrong
Carlos De Matos
Craig Fowler

Loft: Subbass

DJ And Rush
Alex Rose
DJ Emyi
Tomek Janowski

The Gallery has always taken pride in nurturing fledgling talent, joining the finest acts in electronic music on their journey from wide-eyed debutants to world domination.

Such is the case for Dada Life, who started off in Ministry’s 103 room back in 2012. The carnage that ensued inevitably led them to The Box in 2013, with unprecedented mayhem caused by many bananas and copious amounts of champagne. An unrivalled plus unique level of crowd interaction makes this first return in two years a must for all citizens of the duo’s very own sovereign nation. Expect residents of ‘Dada Land’ to be out in full force, upholding those cherished principles of freedom, fun and, of course, fresh fruit!!