31 Jul 2015


Online tickets are now sold out. Tickets will be available on the door.
Fri 31 Jul Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Darren Porter
Solis & Sean Truby
Paul Webster
Lee Osborne


Anil Chawla
Gavyn Mytchel
Cole Jonson

Baby Box: CTRL

Ian O'Shea b2b Duncan Newell
Messy A
Simon Rasho
Shane Van Gould & Sam Lorkins
Nick Platt
Micky Weir

Loft: Nocturno

Vlad G
Callum RJ b2b Ricky chambers b2b Herron
Steve Brennan
Paolo Di Liberto
Von Spicer
Kyle Ferry

“Change it and say…” Four immortal words which precede one of most famous lyrics in trance music

Hear Andre Tanneberger grace the hallowed Gallery turntables for an inaugural occasion at Ministry of Sound, to unleash his famed pitch bend synth sequence that still sounds fresh sixteen years after its release. Although ATB’s current performances contain much of his critically acclaimed recent work, it’s undoubtedly the former No.1 hit from our UK Singles Chart which gets everyone up on their feet. Though maybe not its classic form… A clever and infectious mash up with Gallery anthem ‘The Drill’ has recently been doing the rounds, sending social media and forums into overdrive. So when ATB comes this Friday night, prepare to sing along in the Box with pride. After all, it’s the track responsible for converting many to our beloved genre.

All together now, "Der Der D-er – Der Der – D-er Der.”