12 Jun 2015

Markus Schulz

Fri 12 Jun Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Markus Schulz
Lee Osborne


Gavyn Mytchel
Mark Dickson & Mike Mac
John Minogue

Baby Box

Plastic Fondu
Steve Basher
Leon C
Victor Van Bass
Mark Walker
James Smith


Craig Tansley
Alex Bartlett
Shanna & VOA

Following The Gallery’s sell-out boat party on the River Thames, Captain Markus navigates to SE1.

Expect his USB stick to be loaded at capacity and ready for action, ready for ‘rabbit hole’ round two in The Box. His dark and pummeling beats, dark trance synths and melodic vocals never fail to cause unmitigated carnage, and have earned Schulz the coveted title of Gallery ‘international resident.’ As a responsibility which Markus holds dear, this sentiment is revealed through his impassioned performances that always engage The Gallery faithful through a full range of musical emotions. From arms in the air euphoria to heads down throbbing techno, this Friday is not for the faint hearted