17 Apr 2015


Fri 17 Apr Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

M.I.K.E. PUSH (Trance Classics Set)
Mark Sixma
Angry Man
Tristan D
Lewis Duggleby


Gavyn Mytchel
Stephanie Lowe
Ciara Kelleher
Tina Martin

Baby Box

Ian O'Shea
Kevin Crowley
Craig Bailey
Tony Hollingsworth
Sam Lorkins
Nick Platt
Greg Livingstone


InTo Knights Vs Filthy Gorgeous
Paul Byrne
Andy Vickers
Bruno Almari
Kaine B2B Creed
Ollie Jaye
Cn Williams B2B Matt Knight
Beekay B2B Bootson Catson

Firstly let us begin by expressing heartfelt thanks, for all of last Friday’s 20th birthday wishes to The Gallery. Especially for those who attended the anniversary night itself, ever-present beaming smiles indicative of arguably the most memorable Gallery show ever at Ministry of Sound. However just because the main birthday event has passed, does NOT mean an end to the celebrating of an unprecedented two decades

Legend of not just The Gallery but the Trance genre in general, Mike Dierickx is sure to prolong the festivities. With seminal anthems such as "Meet Her At The Love Parade" and "Pitchin" receiving the loudest cheers of last Friday, expect the Belgian’s own classics to match this rapturous reception. Whether under the ‘Push,’ ‘Plastic Boy’ or ‘M.I.K.E.’ pseudonyms, these tracks all have an unrivalled emotive power which is unique to clubland.

Plus looking forward to The Gallery’s future and affirming their resolve to keep blooding new talent, we pay homage to two fast rising stars – both making an eagerly anticipated debut. Please welcome Mark Sixma and Angry Man.