03 Apr 2015

Fedde Le Grand

Tonight The Gallery welcomes one of Detroit, Michigan’s most famous ambassadors
Fri 03 Apr Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Fedde Le Grand
Chocolate Puma
Patric La Funk
Junior J


Graeme Lloyd
Jess Bays
Johnny Wobble & Frankie Blackart
Phil Cusack & Charlie Corliss
Viktor Bondar & Mason El Hage
Nick Of Tricks

Baby Box

Plastic Fondu
Albi and Zany
Alex Kella
Jay Saunders


Simon Ryan
The White Brothers
Matty & Ron

Not Henry Ford or Sugar Ray Robinson, but Fedde Le Grand – whose immortal anthem encouraged all to raise their hands for this lovely city! Nine years since achieving that No.1, FLG can be regarded among the few to have achieved underground success - after making a name in the commercial domain. A critically acclaimed Saturday night residency sees Fedde take a trip to the dark side, showcasing his famed versatility as an artist with this eagerly anticipated Friday night debut. Plus a host of special guests in tow, all representing the eclectic musical ethos of Fedde’s record label ‘Darklight Recordings.’