27 Feb 2015

Aly & Fila

Aly & Fila are back in The Box for the launch of their brand new album.
Fri 27 Feb Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Aly & Fila
Stoneface & Terminal
Ferry Tayle


Martin Gredner
Gavyn Mytchel
John Minogue
Nick Coles
Stephanie Lowe

Baby Box

Matt Driver
Ian O’shea
Richie Knight
Sam Dixon B2B Rob Lee
Jay Nichols


Kitchen Disko
Mark Hashimi B2B Rob Manley
Claytech & Oki
Michael Bittles

Aly & Fila are back in The Box for the launch of their brand new album

Before mentioning Friday’s affair to celebrate Aly & Fila’s new album, it would be wrong not to acknowledge last August’s previous visit. Future Sound Of Egypt 350, which will surely go down in history as one of The Gallery’s most impassioned ever shows. With The Box mesmerised by that symbolic LED pyramid and its warming glow, a mass outpouring of emotion confirmed Fadi as The Gallery’s undisputed Pharaoh of trance. 

Which brings us nicely to their album The Other Shore, crowned by the rousing FSOE 350 anthem "Eye 2 Eye". Expect the same vociferous reaction this time around, not forgetting the other beautifully conceived tracks which never stray from Aly & Fila’s core principles. 

Vintage trance synths, with poignant vocals and tough bass lines will once again transform The Gallery into a trance music haven.