21 Nov 2014

John O' Callaghan

Fri 21 Nov Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

John O’Callaghan
Richard Durand
Special guest: Judge Jules
Just added: Tenishia


John ‘Quivver’ Graham
Gavyn Mytchel
John Minogue
Craig Turner

Baby Box

Elevation Audio
Lewis Duggleby
Mark Walker
JD Love
Craig Bailey


Bedroom House Records
Jayson Smythe
Diego Herrera
Jeff Souza & MG
Tania Amazon
Rodrigo Tancredi
Kerol Garcia
Electum & Trish Complete

Returning for the first time since The Gallery’s 19th birthday in April, John O’Callaghan is geared up for another strobe induced, laser led session

However that’s not to say London has been bereft of JOC’s tough yet melodic trance, appearing at summer’s South West Four Festival for arguably the standout performance of Saturday’s Gallery stage. 

Tonight promises the electric party atmosphere from The Gallery al fresco, combined with the mystical aura induced by sounds of John’s esteemed Subculture imprint. Plus, not forgetting the obligatory classic anthems from the ‘Joint Operations Centre’ alias, which always guarantee a hard hitting and sentimental dance floor workout.