07 Nov 2014

Markus Schulz

Fri 07 Nov Starts at 11:00PM

The Box

Markus Schulz
Ben Gold
Venom One


Gavyn Mytchel
Steve Lee
Danny Dove
Digital Mike

Baby Box

Kitchen Disko
Nick Coles
Che & Nick Manning
Dave Moore & G Man
Michael Connolly
Benny P


Pandora’s Box
Johnny B
Future Formula
Toby B
Amy Wiles
Black and White

Crafting emotional vocal highs with intense low points, Markus Schulz is musically adept to tugging on the Ministry of Sound heartstrings

Especially when The Gallery is concerned, having hosted Markus as their international resident now for many years. Having undertaken an unprecedented open till close solo set on four separate occasions, this familiarity with the DJ booth results in a bond between The Gallery faithful that no other artist can match. Hence expect all out carnage on the trance floor, when the Box plummets into the dark spiral of the ‘rabbit hole.’ For those who survive, see you on the other side.