17 Oct 2014

Infected Mushroom

Fri 17 Oct Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Infected Mushroom
Arctic Moon
Dark Fusion


Gavyn Mytchel
Miss Dix
Jay Deep
DJ Manos

Baby Box

Chris Lindsey
Ari Sen
Jack Mack


Nic Sol
Callum RJ
Tom Masters

Having laid down the red carpet already for Neelix and Astrix this year, The Gallery welcomes another legendary duo from the Psychedelic Trance scene

Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani together form INFECTED MUSHROOM, who are afforded biblical status by fans of this mystical genre. Arguably the most successful musical export to hail from Israel, dark hypnotic trance with ‘Psy’ tinged riffs form a sound is which truly unique and much yearned for by London’s clubbers. Plus with it being four years since their previous Gallery appearance in 2009, this long awaited return is sure to be an unforgettable experience – with transcendental visuals adding to the fun and games.

An unwavering resolve for tough yet melodic sounds is attracting an ever growing fan base for ARCTIC MOON, proved by a recent acquisition by Aly & Fila’s influential ‘Future Sound Of Egypt’ label. Guest appearances for the recent FSOE 350 tour in El Salvador, New York and native country Poland drew widespread critical acclaim – and having ourselves hosted the finale for this global celebration of trance music, welcome Arctic Moon to The Gallery with open arms. A production portfolio supported by everyone from Armin van Buuren to Bryan Kearney, gives potential for this to be this most explosive Gallery debut of recent times.