Fri 11 Jul Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Eddie Bitar
James Dymond


John ‘Quivver’ Graham
Gavyn Mytchel
Barney Barrow & Foozak

Baby Box

East Eagle DJs
Craig Tansley
Karl Martin
Gee Gihan Jayasinghe


Private Party


A hard hitting line-up, to knock SE1 into submission

Starting with Neelix, back by special request after February’s foray into the deep, dark and sometimes unknown side of trance music represented by pounding bass lines with lush ‘psy’ riffs.  Resulting in arguably the best atmosphere this year to date, a man of Neelix’s stature will find it no problem to follow suit. Excellence in the art of sound, does not get more intense…

The same goes for Airwave, a veteran who helped create the genre and forge its legacy. With fledging productions signed to the seminal Bonzai Records, he has remained resolute to its euphoric ethos - now releasing under current guise ‘Bonzai Progressive’ plus ‘J00F Recordings.’  This inaugural visit to SE1, will rekindle an era, which may be forgotten for some. 

Finally two crowd favourites, who are fast making a name amongst the #trancefamily! After his debut last October, James Dymond is considered a sparking diamond of the current crop. One who alludes to a tougher edged sound, his recent productions will pummel The Gallery into submission - signed to Armin and Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Who’s Afraid of 138’ and ‘Full On Fluoro’ labels respectively.

Coincidentally, Eddie Bitar played alongside James D on the aforementioned occasion. With the Box still rammed at 6am, a violation of this curfew is a distinct possibility for this time. Since then Eddie’s stock has continued to rise, this year’s subsequent Ministry of Sound outing followed by a prestigious guest mix for PvD’s Vonyc Sessions. Not forgetting a landmark tour of Australia and South America! Bitar’s blistering beats are not for the faint hearted, with a reputation for violating those who prefer their tunes more airy-fairy. Get your stomp on…