04 Jul 2014

Dash Berlin

Fri 04 Jul Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Dash Berlin
Lewis Duggleby
Emery Warman


Ant Brooks
Gavyn Mytchel
Danny Dove
Sarah Holder

Baby Box

Elevation Audio
Ed Lynam B2B Nomad
JD Love
Jamie Hearne
Mark Walker
Kevin Cadd
Asa Mikel
Liam Daisley


Pandora's Box
Daryl P
Jonnie B
Mac & Tel


The legend returns to London after his sell-out show in March.

With this being an impressive ninth visit to Ministry of Sound, it seems a lifetime since that impassioned debut back in 2010. But expect the same melodic madness, which will, as ever, be heightened by that unique Gallery experience. 

Friday’s famous party crowd, going wild in unison to uplifting vocals and inventive ‘Dash Up’ re-works – which form the backbone of all Dash Berlin performances.

Interactive visuals, personal messaging with the dance floor and a limitless energy behind the decks, equates to an experience which transcends any normal DJ set. Dash at The Gallery is a clubbing rite of passage, where each devotee is guaranteed memories to last a lifetime. 

In the words of the great man himself, #MusicIsLife.