16 May 2014

Gareth Emery

Fri 16 May Starts at 10:30PM

The Box

Gareth Emery
Luke Bond
Craig Connelly


Gavyn Mytchel
Steve Lee
Stephanie Lowe
Steve Kissoon

Vodka Bar

Bedroom House Records
Electum Goldensun & Speev
Lola Mischief
Diego Herrera
Simoon Pedro
Trish Complete
Sounds of Shadow


Rango Dango
Marcus Wallis & Grant Dee
Ian Betts
Phill Reynolds
Ben Yong & James Blackmore
Macey & Charlie Bradley

Gareth Emery goes hand in hand with some of the greatest moments in The Gallery’s history

After giving the Garuda label founder his first ever London show, his affinity with The Gallery faithful means Gareth Emery is now amongst their most esteemed sons. This Friday the long wait is over, as Gareth returns to Ministry of Sound for the first time since our sell-out 2012 opening, this time he’ll be celebrating his album launch with his longstanding Gallery fanbase.

Entitled Drive and arriving four years after debut, Northern Lights, the album is pure class and you can expect these studio selections to provide the fuel for an all out Ministry of Sound rave. Lush melodies meet poignant vocals and the award winning sound system in The Box, ensures that this will be the ultimate way to hear the Drive album tracks.

Keep an eye out for Gareth’s special guest to be announced soon!