25 Apr 2014


Fri 25 Apr Starts at 10:30PM


Lee Osborne
Very Special Guest
John O’ Callaghan


Gavyn Mytchel & Graeme Lloyd
Steve Lee

Vodka Bar

Marc Mosley
Andrew Keed


Klub Politiks
Matt Edwards & Taz Dore
Sean Patrick & Maff Dillon
Solstice & Carl Gordon

The UK's longest running trance night, celebrates its nineteenth year at the forefront of UK clubbing!

Hosting a weekly event for nineteen years is not only an unprecedented achievement, but testament to the devotion of The Gallery faithful – and their commitment to Friday night fun and frolics. Having fostered a family which transcends any normal club night, The Gallery has become about more than just the music. 

Lazer led moments have defined a generation and provided the foundations for lifelong friendships and even marriages! It's not only about reminiscing, however, birthdays are also a time for looking to the future. Hence a nineteenth birthday line-up which represents these two key notions, wrapping current stars and future heroes in a Gallery gift box, tied up with a frilly bow…

W&W return, after headlining The Gallery’s 2013 finale last December. A capacity crowd fueled what’s now considered one of the best Ministry of Sound shows of recent times, its raucous atmosphere surprising even the most ardent Gallery fan. Even those not accustomed to “raising those W” were converted by a skillful and daring blend of trance, house and electro.

After impressing with technically astute and innovative performances, Omnia is the future of trance at The Gallery. This third Ministry of Sound outing promises tracks from new CD A State of Trance 650 – New Horizons. Omnia boasts a glowing endorsement from the anchor of the ASOT movement, Armin van Buuren, who described him as; “a brilliant producer, who really knows how to capture the sound of now.”

Finally crowd favourite and guest of honour, John O’Callaghan, will be playing a selection of dark and devilish tracks from his Subculture imprint. His previous label showcase, back in November, saw riotous scenes in The Box, which stayed open 30 minutes later to keep the party going. Rest assured that with The Gallery’s brand of tough trance on offer all night, a repeat of this curfew violation is a distinct possibility.

The Gallery’s biggest line-up of the year is befitting for a massive birthday celebration. Please bring cake…